My dad gave our 2 month old English bulldog puppy a taste of strawberry Popsicle today. This is true happiness.

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Anonymous asked: hello, just thought i'll share this with someone (: i'm heading to the UK soon for a 2 weeks study trip and i'm excited and afraid as 1) i'm not used to eating out with so many people, 2) the unknown calories in the food and plus i don't eat that much prob only 3-4 small meals a day as i'm still struggling to recover. i don't want my friends to think i'm on a diet or i'm weird that have many dietary restrictions:(

I’m so jealous of you, school trips are so much fun and I want to go to London soooo badly!

Eating disorders can make travelling quite hard but you should not let it ruin your trip.
You will probably have a very full agenda with lots of sightseeing and being on your feet almost all day burning a lot of calories so a few small meals will not be enough.

I’m sure you won’t have every meal with all of your classmates so you won’t always have to eat with many people. Other people don’t really care about what you eat anyway and even if they do make comments try to just ignore them. I know being away from home and out of your comfort zone especially without your family is extremely stressing so choose food you are comfortable with eating but it would be great if you challenged yourself with things such as pizza/fries/whatever a couple of times, too!

Don’t be afraid of gaining a lot of weight in these two weeks because you most likely won’t. You really will need many extra calories so please respond to your hunger.
Sooner or later you will have to fully commit to recovery and (probably) gain a lot of weight anyway. This trip would be a good start already.

Will there be anyone on the trip that you are close with and that you can talk to so you don’t feel lonely?

Have a safe trip and a great time xx

Anonymous asked: I am working out frequently and i am eating much too but i feel like i am getting bigger and bigger every day. Non of my pants fit me anymore i just can't handle this. Please help

Hey. I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling and to be honest I don’t know how to help you. Eating healthy and exercising will make you feel good and be healthy overall and that is more important than your size. It’s just a stupid number that no one except for yourself cares about.
A nutritionist might be able to help you with this :)
Good luck xxx

Anonymous asked: Guten morgen Lissi :) Wieviel kilometer läufst du normalerweise und Wielange brauchst du dafür?

Normal so 12/13km und dafür brauche ich, glaube ich, irgendwas zwischen 60 und 70 Minuten :)

Anonymous asked: Hi, so I've asked you the same question a few times and you've never answered once. The question was asking what you recommend for me to bring to school for a 7ish hour day. I really love your blog and your reply but I would also like a reply occasionally.. Your answer really interests me because honestly I can never decide on something healthy! about 7 hours (8:15am-3:30pm)! Please please please reply to this one and please don't ignore it like the rest thank you and have a nice day lissi!:)

I’m sorry I didn’t answer your question but I answered one very similar to yours that asked for the same thing:

Have a nice day yourself :)

Anonymous asked: Did you go through extreme hunger? I am so very scared

No, I don’t think I did. But it’s very common and nothing to be scared of. Your body will need all the extra calories so you definitely have to respond to the hunger and eat, even if it’s huge amount and it makes you feel very guilty. It is only a phase, your body will go back to normal after some time. For more information check youreatopia.com :)

Anonymous asked: verrätst du uns das Rezept für den green-Smoothie?😊

Ich glaube ich habe eins auf meiner Rezepte Seite :)

Aber für den hab ich benutzt: 1/2 tiefgefrorene Banane, 1/2 Mango, 1 Orange, aufgetauter TK-Spinat (7 oder 8 so Bobbel) und Grapefruit Saft (alternativ anderer Saft, Milch oder Wasser) und
dann einfach alles im Mixer/Pürierstab pürieren!

Was du an Obst nimmst ist eigentlich egal. Sollte halt süßen und den Geschmack des Spinats überdecken, deswegen sind Banane und Mango gut geeignet.

Green smoothie in a bowl with banana, goji berries, chia seeds and homemade granola :)

Anonymous asked: when you say stuff like "i rarely eat dessert" or the way you talk in one of your other answers to questions, it kinda seems like you are a bit stuck up... has anyone ever told you that before

Haha, how does this make me seem stuck up? I really don’t understand. Like, how would you put it?
And no, I dont think anyone has ever told me that before because I’m actually not stuck-up at all..