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do you ever listen to a song and remember exactly what life was like when you first heard it

Anonymous has said: Why should I go running?


  • to feel your legs
  • to be grateful that you can
  • to be healthy
  • to see scenic spots
  • to sweat your balls off and get that sexy “glow”
  • to hate yourself for doing it and then feel accomplished when you did
  • to feel like you’re on Baywatch - just in fastmo
  • to feel like you’re in any movie/tv show/vid where you get an awesome background soundtrack
  • to get ready for the zombie apocalypse
  • seriously though, those World War Z zombies weren’t fucking around
  • to live longer
  • to live better
  • to race
  • to be happy
  • to beat your personal best
  • to push yourself
  • to make new running friends
  • to casually jog past that hottie you’ve been eyeing, looking kinda gross but knowing he’s like, damnnn, she runs? imma buy that bitch some sneakers. bitches love sneakers.
  • to be hardcore
  • (cuz if you run you’re hardcore)
  • to complete a 5k
  • to complete a 10k
  • to complete a 20k
  • to complete a half-marathon
  • to complete a full marathon
  • to complete the totally-obsessed-with-marathons-now-girl-or-boy status
  • to be stronger
  • to be able to eat more
  • like so much more
  • like holy fuck i can eat so much fucking food why the fuck isnt my mouth bigger time to get a mouth widener machine thing shtick mabob
  • but like, all in moderation
  • so when people say, i hate running, you can be like, yo i love that shit
  • or if you hate it, you can be like, yo me too
  • *bonding* boom you’re welcome
  • to look hot
  • cuz running makes you look hot
  • like you’re face gets super red and people are like, are you overheated?
  • to feel free

Answering some German questions because my inbox is full of them and I don’t want to annoy my non-German followers!

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Anonymous has said: Hi dear, where do you buy your steel-cut oats in Germany? :)

I either get them from Alnatura, Spielberger or the ones in the yellow package from Koelln :)

Anonymous has said: Hi Lissi! Would you say it's hard to be a vegetarian in Germany? I'm Polish & it's difficult, because meat is eaten often and there aren't many tofu/soya products or nuts here. How would it be in Germany? Loads of happy vibes from Poland x

Being vegetarian is not hard at all here! You can find nuts, lentils, seeds,  et cetera in every supermarket and most of them also sell tofu and other meat replacements, soy milk, other plant milks, soy yogurt, soy cream. There are organic supermarkets all over Germany and they have a huge variety of vegan/vegetarian groceries.
Most restaurants have at least one vegetarian option on their menu and even if they don’t you can still ask for something without meat.
I never have any troubles! :) 

"If Americans reduced their meat consumption by ten percent, enough grain would be saved to feed sixty million people."
- John Robbins (via vegan-veins)

Anonymous has said: Was is 'nutritional yeast'? Ist das sowas wie veganer Käse? Oder wie verwendet man es? Ich habs gegoogelt und da kam 'Nährhefe' aus, bin mir aber nicht sicher. Wir haben Trockenhefe zuhause, ist das das gleiche? Wenn ja wie mache ich eine Soße damit?:)

Nein, nutritional yeast ist Nährhefe. Trockenhefe ist Hefe in einer anderen Form, aber ich glaube nicht, dass man damit die Soße machen kann :/

Anonymous has said: How do you make vegan French toast please??:)

You can find my recipe on my recipe page :) can’t link you to it as I am on my phone!

Anonymous has said: I started running because of your blog and it makes me happy thank you:)Sadly my therapist thinks I should be careful because I don't have my period yet but still I am on a healthy weight. But when I run I feel much more relieved, its much easier to eat and I like the feeling that I 'have to' eat more (strange, I know :( )Maybe its wrong that I began wanting to run every day because I struggle more on days I don't. Why is it so hard to differentiate? How did you get sure it didn't get obsessive?

Hey! I’m happy to hear you discovered the joy of running. It really is one of the best ways to relieve stress and to feel great about yourself.

You need to be sure you are exercising for your health and happiness, not to burn calories or to feel in control. Running every day is a lot and you should set yourself a limit. Tell yourself you won’t run more than two or three times a week for ~30 minutes and stick to it!
I also made sure to run different routes nearly every time so I wouldn’t be able to compare my runs and obsess over it.
Don’t run so you can eat more, but eat more so you are able to run! Your body needs more fuel when you exercise, otherwise you might get sick, injured or lose weight again/not get your period back anytime soon.
I would keep the intensity and volume pretty low and only increase once you feel better mentally. And always be honest with your therapist! x