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Apple cinnamon oatmeal with banana, pecans, goji berries, crunchy peanut butter, maple syrup, chia seeds and cacao nibs :)

Anonymous asked: Hallo! Sag mal was hast du eigentlich für Fächer vierstündig genommen?

Englisch, Französisch und Geschichte :)


yesterday was a rejuvenating day.

Anonymous asked: I would love to live in germany, and plan to. I was just wondering where are some good places to live? Im australian, so do you guys speak english or will i have to learn german?

Well, if I could choose a new pace to live in in Germany I would choose a small Bavarian village close to Munich. The nature (lakes, mountains) and the cities (Munich, Nuremburg) there are so beautiful!
If you prefer living in a big city you should take a look at Hamburg. I have not been there yet but I absolutely want to go there and we probably will this summer.
Or move to Constance or somewhere else at Lake Constance. It is very nice there too and I love going there in the summer.
There are definitely more nice places and you should do a lot more reaseach before moving there.
Most people speak English but not very well so you would have to learn German I guess! :)

Anonymous asked: Oh Gott, so war das nicht gemeint, als ich mir die Frage eben durchgelesen habe kam sie mir auch etwas gruselig vor, also das war definitiv nicht gruselig gemeint! Ich hab mich das nur gefragt weil ich aus Stuttgart komme und deinen Blog schon seit längerer Zeit lese. Aber das verstehe ich, wenn dir das nicht so lieb ist! Hab noch einen schönen Tag (;

Dann bin ich aber beruhigt :D also mit ganz fremden würde ich mich nicht treffen, wenn ich mit der Person aber schon öfters geschrieben hab und wir uns gut verstehen dann vielleicht schon! Dir auch einen schönen Tag :)

Anonymous asked: hey Lissi :) since about a month ago I was OBSESSED with diet coke...I stopped drinking it because I caught a cold and now I am afraid to drink it because everyone says how unhealthy it is...I really crave it but I don't know if I should ...

If you really crave something you should have it!
Yes, diet coke isn’t good for you- in fact it could even be worse than the regular stuff- but it is completely okay to have it in moderation. I would cut it down to only a few times a week but that is only my opinion and you can have it as often as you want. Using google search you can find tons of facts about diet coke :)

It was probably nothing but it felt like the world.
by Morrissey, Autobiography (via praises)

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