Lissi, 17 years old, German. Fallen in love with cooking, baking and eating, running, reading, nature and my dog.

Just wanted to let you know that I have been incredibly busy with school this week (even though it’s the first week back), and I have a full schedule for this weekend as well and on Monday I’m leaving for Paris so I won’t be able to post anything until the Sunday after next.

Anonymous has said: What are your favourite recipe bogs that you get inspiration from?

I don’t read any food blogs but Deliciously Ella has great recipes! I get inspiration from instagram

Anonymous has said: i have an ed and i'm really sad bcos i know i messed up my metabolism with not eating enough. if i gain and get to a normal weight, will my metabolism ever be repaired? i think if i miss a snack or whatever, the weight will drop asap. do i have to eat 2500+ whole my life now to just maintain my weight? :(

You eat 2500+ calories in recovery to repair your body, including your metabolism. One missed snack will not make you lose weight or set you back, but it shouldn’t happen too often!

Once you’ve reached a healthy weight and have repaired your body you can start eating intuitively and will naturally maintain your weight. No need to worry about calories, it only makes life a whole lot more stressful!

Anonymous has said: hey which dates do you usually eat? i love medjool dates but they are not the cheapest unfortunately :( is the deglet noor kind good as well?

Medjool dates are my favourite ones because they’re so big and soft and sweet. Though I don’t get them very often because of their price (3€ for 8 or 9 dates???)

I eat tons of Deglet Noor dates which are almost as delicious. I’ve tried many different brands and unfortunately many of them were sort of hard but I’ve finally found the perfect ones. I actually just finished the package I opened yesterday :)

Anonymous has said: Warum fährst du nach Paris ? Ist es ne klassenreise?

Ja, Studienfahrt von Leistungskurs Französisch aus :)

Anonymous has said: you look stunning <3 is there anything specific that made you happy? :))

Thank you I love you <33 hmm maybe but life’s been pretty awesome in general lately!

Anonymous has said: Hi beautiful, how was your date?

Was it even a ‘date’? Anyway, it was so nice! We ran at a very easy pace (it must have been very easy for him too) and chatted most of the time. There were moments of silence but it didn’t feel awkward at all. When I was working in the afternoon he stopped by and he didn’t even want to buy anything but just came to see me and to talk heheeee :)